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Modern Traditional: modern people with ethnic, tribal, and traditional style.
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This is the normal HTML area of the site for people who prefer their privacy and don't need all the "dynamic" features. began in 1996, as a way to help people to remember and relearn various cultural styles of dress and living. A side benefit is that it helped people wishing to adopt styles from other cultures to do so without negative cultural appropriation. If folks were going to wear things, they should be taught why and how to wear things properly.

This site is funded by donations and sponsorships so that we don't need to use "targeted" ads to keep the sites.

A few years ago, I had some health issues that needed tending to, so I didn't have time to maintain the site. Now I'm back and handling the backlog of work and things I'd put off or deprioritized while I was seeing to my health.

So please bookmark this site, visit our Facebook page and Reddit, and while we're rebuilding, it's a good time to add your links so we can help promote your cultural sites.

Blessings and Ashé!

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